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This party is great for children learning their ABC’s or as an education party. You can also use some of our ideas for a baby shower or letter party.

An alphabet party is so easy to plan. Just emphasize the letters of the alphabet when planning your party. For example, if you'd like to celebrate a special someones' birthday, choose the letter of their first name and decorate with that letter only. Everyone likes to see their name in lights and what better way to do it with their special initial.

You can also use the alphabet and numbers to make small sentences: • U R GR8! • 10 Q. • LOL (lots of laughs). • B4. • B9 (be mine).

Also make alphabet + or - sentences: • Something - thing + one. Spicy - icy + ecial. (Someone special). • Hat - t + ppy. Bird - d + th + day. (Happy Birthday).


Send a ready-to-assemble “baby blocks”: Purchase collapsible white gift boxes, each approximately 4 cubic inches. Write “Come to our Alphabet Party” and all the necessary party information on one side. Write A, B, C on the other three sides and stencil two simple graphics on the remaining sides. Add instructions for the party receiver to form it into a block shape. 

• Spell out “Happy Birthday”, “Party Time” or “Celebration” with alphabet blocks

• From construction paper, cut out letters of the alphabet and tape them to the wall


•USA Capitals Game
• Play The Letter Game. Provide guests with a list of the alphabet. Have them name an animal with each letter. The first guest to complete the ABC list, wins.

• Have your guests list a state or city with each letter of the alphabet.


• Bake a cake and shape it into a letter. Decorate it with small candy letters. 

• Fill large alphabet containers with a variety of candy.

• Party Drinks and Beverages
• Party Appetizers
• Party Salads
• Party Soups
• Party Entrees
• Party Sandwiches and Spreads
• Party Desserts