Olympic Party

Go For The Gold!!!

What better way to celebrate the Olympics than with an Olympic Style Party. Go for the Gold with our award winning Olympic Celebration. This is a party that has lots of games, great food and tons of fun. Whether you plan an Olympic themed party for a child's birthday party or a sports enthusiast, this celebration is always exciting and fun.

Create fun sports-themed invitations and get your guests excited about your celebration. Mail invitations with sport or olympic confetti and colorful envelopes.

• Cut out a yellow circular "medal" from yellow construction paper.
• Title the invitation with " You've qualified for the USA Olympic Team.
• Hang the "medal" from red, white and blue yarn.
• Include your party information on the medal.

On a white 3 x 5 index card, draw the five Olympic rings.

• Include party information in each ring. • Olympic Stadium (address). • Torchbearer (guest of honor). • Lighting of the Torch (time). • On the bottom of the ring write: "You are qualified for the Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter Olympics".

• Greet your guests by giving each one a name tag with a country they will represent.

• Choose the USA, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Argentina, Canada, Sweden, France, United Kingdom, Germany, North Korea, South Korea, Russia, Italy, Cuba, Australia, The Netherlands, Greece, New Zealand, Venezuela, Norway, Finland, etc.

Decoration Supplies
• Use flags, trophies, Olympic logos, and a patriotic color of red, white and blue scheme throughout the party area.
• Hang flags and athletic posters around the "stadium".
• Athletic equipment is great for table centerpieces. Use flags from different countries on the table or hanging.
• Have "Officials" where black-and-white striped shirts with whistles.

GAMES • During your Olympics Party, assign roles to each of your guests. “Hire” a coach, referee cheerleader, ultimate fan, etc. Have someone video tape the event and be the TV cameraperson and assign someone the role of sportscaster.
• At the end of the party watch the video tape and have an awards ceremony. Give awards for most athletic, funniest moment, etc.

OTHER GAMES • Ball toss • Egg race • Jello-eating contest • Obstacle race • Piggy back parent race • Potato sack race • Ring Toss • Three-legged race • Tug-o-war

Water bottles. Gatorade. Power-ade. Lemonade. Iced Tea.

MENU Serve foods from different countries.

Mexico: Tacos, nachos, enchiladas, tortilla chips and salsa.
China: Fried rice, lo mein, egg rolls, wontons and fortune cookies.
France: Crepes or croissants.
Italy: Ravioli, spaghetti, chicken parmesean and garlic bread.
Sandwiches are always a hit at any party. They offer a refreshing alternative to a hot meal. Serve with a variety of chips and specialty drinks or beverages.

Take a clue from the Roman Times when the Olympic Games began.

Serve an athletes’ banquet with plates of cold meat, cheeses, bread, vegetables, dip and fruit. Decorate the table with a platter or grapes on lettuce leaves. Serve cranberry or grape juice in a goblet.

Party Favors • Baseball cards • Chocolate gold coins • Gold medals • Inexpensive trophies • Plastic sports equipment • Sports cards • Sports paraphernalia • Sports wristbands • Whistles
Olympic Party Bag: Make a victory cup from a large cardboard soda cup or popcorn container. Cut out cardboard handles and tape to the cup. Cover with aluminum foil. Attach a gold foil number onto a square background of a contrasting color, and glue onto the victory cup. Fill with wrapped candies and winners medals from novelty or toy stores.